Bar Business Plan

Bar Business Plan

The following is a list of the major sections and subsections that you may wish to include in your Bar Business Plans table of contents. This list can be used two ways: First, before you begin writing a major section of your Bar Business Plan, consult this list to help you organize your thoughts and ideas into general categories. Second, the list can be used as a reference to select acceptable headings when you create your final table of contents page.

Every Bar Business Plan is different, and therefore every table of contents should be customized for that particular plan. Use only those headings from this list that make sense for your plan, and that will help your readers get the most from your table of contents.

Bar Business Description

  • Legal Description

  • Business History and Description

  • Current Status

  • Future Plans

  • Key Management

Mission / Vision Statement

  • Mission Statement

  • Bar Business Vision

  • Company Values / Approach

Bar Business Product / Service Description

  • Description of Product / Service

  • Advantages of Product / Service

  • Proprietary Features

  • Product Development Activities

  • Product Liability

Bar Analysis

  • Bar Overview

  • Bar Business Niche

  • Bar Participants

  • Bar Trends and Growth Patterns

Bar Marketing Plan

  • Target Market Demographics (Customer Description)

  • Target Market Trends and Growth Patterns

  • Bar Market Size and Potential

  • Pricing Strategy and Positioning

  • Advertising

  • Other Marketing

  • Public Relations and Promotions


  • Direct Competitors

  • Indirect Competitors

  • Comparison of Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Competitive Market Niche

  • Market Share Analysis

  • Barriers to Entry

Sales Strategy

  • Sales Process Description

  • Distribution Channels

  • Service and Warranty Policies

Operations Plan

  • Location

  • Property Ownership / Lease Terms

  • Equipment

  • Purchasing Policies

  • Manufacturing Process and Operations

  • Major Milestones

  • Quality Control Measures

  • Administrative Procedures and Controls

  • Staffing and Training

  • Labor Considerations

  • Management Control Systems

  • Organizational Chart

Management Team

  • Key Management

  • Board of Directors

  • Board of Advisors

  • Consultants

Financial Plan

  • Financial Summary

  • 3-5 Year Historical Financials (if applicable)

  • 3-5 Year Projected Financial Statements

  • Financial Assumptions

  • Break-Even Analysis

  • Financial Ratios

  • Current Ownership Summary

  • Funding Request / Terms of Investment

  • Sources and Uses of Funds

Exit Strategy

Critical Risks

  • Major Risks

  • Major Obstacles to Success


  • Bar Product Samples / Pictures

  • Management Resumes

  • Business Location Site Information

  • Legal Documents

  • Other Important Bar Data

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Bar Business Plan

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